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Discover our world of unique branding solutions as we design, and also produce branding materials and also brand items, from mobile branding elements...

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Meet one of the very best designers in the field, as we artistically and professionally translate your world right to your ideal target customers...

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We are your one stop shop for copywriting, content creation, management and brand-driven concepts. We conceptualise and sell marketable advertising...

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We create ingenious and unique design solutions for your branding needs. We also design and create event structure which range from the event venue floor plan...

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Our forte is visual representation and rendering of your company's image and brand...
EthosCohre is a leading design and media production company created with the sole aim of solving challenges that come with generating the right concept for your company's needs. Our forte is visual representation and rendering of your company's image and brand. With our team of professionals, you have the best in the field handling your creative designs and new media production giving you that edge in every visual concept and making them unique which is often lacking in most visual design companies.

Our Service Offerings

Design Services (DS)

Using actual graphic mark or emblem designs, we create a brand image which aids and promotes instant public recognition for commercial enterprises, organizations and individuals. We also artistically and professionally combine words, symbols and images through various methods to create a visual representation of ideas and images.

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Media Production Services (MPS)

We brand all forms of vehicles to enhance and promote possible commercial recognition and awareness. Using up-to-date print technology and materials, we communicate visual commercial content as well as fabricate exhibition materials and setup display stands, sales stands and other POS services

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