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EthosCohre is a leading design and media production Company.

EthosCohre is a leading design and media production company created with the sole aim of solving challenges that come with generating the right concept for your company's needs. Our forte is visual representation and rendering of your company's image and brand. With our team of professionals, you have the best in the field handling your creative designs and new media production giving you that edge in every visual concept and making them unique which is often lacking in most visual design companies.

5 Reasons you should do Business with us

  • 1. We work 24/7, well; we might as well because we take care of our clients all hours of the day. We understand deadlines, problems, issues, and urgencies) and we understand that our clients depend on us to do business, so you don't often have to wait till the start of an official business day to get a response or call.
  • 2. We are professionals. We've heard that this is an unprofessional industry, and in some cases it is because anyone can "design", "brand" or "write copy", but they can't do it the way it's supposed to be done. We have the experience and the resources but we also know how important it is to have a professionally looking profile and persona. The general public is more in tune to what looks professional and what doesn't, and that -eats your business.
  • 3. We have a trouble free content management system. Our content management is also custom built so we can offer endless ideas for your company and your brand. All custom, all the time.
  • 4. We are a design and media production company. A lot of companies or individuals, to supposedly save cost, hire freelance or inexperienced and unprofessional once-off individuals who in turn out source your jobs to other people, and what you get is a chain of delayed deadlines and defective product and service delivery. We create and develop our own content, designs and branding products and services, while ensure optimum results and quality.
  • 5. WE CREATE ALL OUR COPYWRITING CONTENT AND DESIGNS FROM SCRATCH! Our creative material is always 100% original and tailor made for your brand, and done without the use of templates as this would encourage unoriginality and in-the-box stereotype content and projects.

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Knowing Us...

We pride ourselves on being able to give the right concept for the right business; yours! Going in with our slogan "Think. Create. Innovate." we at EthosCohre Services do just that. With our range of services, we try to always make you happy as you yearn for more of our creative and aesthetic values.

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Our Foresight...

To be the most reliable, renowned and dominating peoples' brand communication and service company in Africa.

Our Purpose...

To serve brand communication services by well-motivated thinking, creative and innovative professionals with a common drive to exceed clientele expectations.

Our Core Value...

Capacity maximization.

Our Profile...